About Us

In 2013, when I was three months pregnant with my first child, we got the news every parent feared. My daughter was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality called Turner Syndrome, and we were told to prepare for the worst because the survival rate was so low (about 1 in 2,500). While researching the cause of gene mutation, I discovered the hazardous nature of many ingredients found in my skincare and cosmetics. I made a simple yet effective skincare regiment in a desperate attempt to create a non-toxic environment for her to fight and survive. Those very first creations were the start of Maeve's All Natural Skincare line. 

I work with over 75 botanical ingredients. While some you can find in a well-stocked pantry (such as organic olive oil and coconut oil), most are exotic and highly sought after in the cosmetic world (sea buckthorn oil and prickly pear, for example.) One miracle ingredient comes from a plant that’s been around for thousands of years, Hemp.

The hemp plant has over 40,000 uses. Its stalk can be woven into textile or used as insulation for houses. Hemp seeds can be pressed into oil for cooking or eaten raw as its great for heart health. One less known ingredient is CBD. The first person who extracted CBD from hemp flowers did so roughly fifty years ago, and its medicinal benefits weren’t well researched until decades later. Nevertheless, there is mounting evidence that it works naturally with our endocannabinoid system as a phytocannabinoid to bring balance and equilibrium. 

I first heard about CBD from a customer for whose organic spa we were developing a skincare line. Additionally, I was considering adding a line of therapeutic massage oil for spas. I spent the next six months researching. I went to California to attend seminars and meet with farmers, extractors, and potential suppliers. We released CBD Massage Oil with Frankincense in December 2017, and by March 2018, it had become our top seller. A couple of months later, I rolled out the supplements line, and we would sell out at every show that summer. 

Although our line of products will change and adapt to suit the demand of our customers and market, the reason I formulate and create will always stay the same – to heal. 

Now, as one of the few Certified Hemp Processors and Retailers in Ohio, our mission, as it was stated in 2015, remains the same – to offer you the safest product you can find on the market. Unfortunately, many CBD re-sellers buy white label products from a central supplier and have little to no understanding of the actual quality of products they are selling. They also rely heavily on information given by the supplier and do not do the research themselves or perform third-party testing. In contrast, products manufactured and sold by a certified business must adhere to strict production rules and undergo rigorous testing.

Similar to legal cannabis products, we enforce seed-to-shelf transparency. We receive our raw material with certificates of analysis from a third-party testing facility; our manufacturing facility is ODA certified, and the final products are tested for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, aflatoxins, microbial counts, active ingredients, stability data and certificates of analysis quantifying the exact amount of cannabinoids. Transparency provides consumers with knowledge, which enables them to make better purchasing decisions.

100% Natural, Non-toxic, Vegan Ingredients

Synthetic ingredients and potentially toxic chemicals have no place in products and foods that we use daily. Not only are the ingredients we use better for our overall health since they are biocompatible with our skin, but they also deliver stunning results you can see and feel, sometimes almost immediately! There are over 80,000 chemicals on the market, and the personal care industry can use nearly all of them for their formulation. We choose natural because we believe in organic healing, both for ourselves and mother earth.

We Are Our Manufacturers

We fully own the formulation and production process. Every bottle you receive is made in small batches in our Cleveland lab. We source ingredients by ourselves and ensure top-notch quality for everything from our Shea butter to the glass containers we use. In addition, we envision love and healing enveloping or products during production. We invite you to do the same while applying them.

No Synthetic Fillers – Only Concentrated Formulas

Every single ingredient in our product is there for a therapeutic reason. We do not use fillers, binders, glues, or opacifier to augment our product’s look and feel. A commercial product will have between 12-92 ingredients, and only a small number are active ingredients, usually between 1-5.

Please get in touch with us with any questions or comments. 

Love and light

Mimi May